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Underground Metal Comix


by Juha Vuorma

available in paperback and Kindle edition

color cover, b/w pages

in English

Underground comix and underground metal. The book includes 4 short stories.

The Church Burner  - An attempted arson or an accident? A young woman is interrogated by the police.
Death Metal - A man meets a death metal band who do not play any concerts, do not record any songs and never practise. But they do have something bizarre going on.
Graveyard Slut - Internet nickname Graveyard Slut meets her online friend.
The Abyss - A concert promoter goes backstage to meet a black metal band whose vocalist seems quite eccentric.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition at Amazon.

The author Juha Vuorma is an underground artist who has illustrated more than a hundred underground metal album covers worldwide, and released about two dozen underground comix books in his native Finland.
[ suom huom: tarinat käännetty ja muokattu suomekielisistä albumeista "Kirkonpolttajatar" ja "Raivotar" ]
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Juha Vuorma


 sample page from "The Church Burner"

sample page from "Death Metal"